Competitors email

Below the info from last week that has been send to the competitors. Current official entries: 20. One Belgium team will join and Flevomare has their boat fixed!

The Dutch class is looking forward to our second J/70 championship. After 14 teams last year, we’re currently on 18 and counting! Spread the word for those few extra to at least get 20.

Hereby I’m sending you some extra info. Make sure to let us know if you’d like to join the dinner on Saturday, more info below.

Private boats: early arrival

Some teams requested to bring the boat already this weekend and even do a training session. That’s possible without an extra harbour fee. If you expect to arrive after 17.00h make sure you contact the harbour masters! Better is to arrive no later that 17.00h during that weekend. Phone harbour master: 06 – 2014 6897

Training on Friday

We didn’t get enough request for organising a training. The team of John is training on Friday from 14.00 – 17.00 so you’re free to join and he is available for feedback as well and to share his knowledge.

Charterboats: delivery

Waterland will send an email about flexibility towards timing on bringing the boat back. Further I would like to know when the charters want to deliver the boat so you can sail together. My suggestion is 10.00h departure so you can join the training with John if interested, let me know if that suits your schedule.


Waterland Monnickendam is making sure we have some amazing photos afterwards by joining the event with photographer Michael Hilliges! So make sure you look amazing!

Friday: 16.00h the bar will be opened (the facilities will be available before of course)
18.00 – 20.30h regatta office open
Afterwards: let’s meet at cafe Ome Ko
08.00 regatta office open
08.45 competitors briefing
10.30 intended first warning signal
ASAP after racing: after sail: drinks provided by Waterland Monnickendam and we will provide some bites
Followed by a typical Dutch Winter Meal: ‘stamppotten buffet’. Tickets €17,50 per person, please reply to this email no later than Tuesday 17th how many tickets you’d like and if there are any allergies we should take into account.
SI will follow soon. Stay tuned at the website and facebook
Don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.
On behalf of the Dutch J/70 class,
Fettje Osinga
Photocredits: Michael Hilliges

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